December 2010 Issue!

Click the cover of our December issue to download a PDF version!

Square One

Letters from the Politically Perfect


In Response to Mr Joshua Davis ’13

Victoria’s Secret



My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Reviewed

The Green Room Reviewed

Et Cetera

Smarter Sleep


Like A Little

How To: Flirt In Real Life

Claire Writes About Romance, Sex


Jane Kirkpatrick Is Perfectly Fine

November 2010 Issue!

Click the cover of our November issue to download a PDF version of the issue!

Square One

Letter from The Editor



Dickinson’s Dirtiest Secret

Mad Hatter Has Tea Party

Jew Don’t Know Ethics Like Jews Know Ethics

More Moore


The 50s Malt Shoppe Reviewed

Halcyon Digest Reviewed

Write About Love Reviewed

Et Cetera

Caf Creations

Reanimation Library

Carlizzle Drizzle: Myth or Reality?

Brains and Sensitivity

How To: Survive the Four Loko Prohibition


Fairy on the Moon

October 2009

Our second issue of the year was released on October 13th, and it has been amusing students across campus since then. It is packed with new content and features, including ideas for Halloween costumes both scandalous and silly, album and book reviews, and even a crossword puzzle. Happy Halloween from all of us to you, and enjoy our tricks and treats!


Motor Freight Terminal

Dickin’ Around – Trayless Eating



Kings of Convenience

Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol

Trout Gallery Exhibit


Stack of Eleven – Short Fiction

Et Cetera

Mountain Man

Halloween Ideas

Fun With Fonts: Comic Sans

Recession-Proof Halloween

September Issue is O-U-T!

Hot off the presses! Get your ‘square.’ here!  Our September 2009 issue hit newsstands across campus on Tuesday, September 15th.  On behalf of the entire staff, we encourage you to take a look at what we’re offering you this month.  Highlights include stories about summer jobs, a new literature section, some funky photos, movie and music reviews, and one very very important health tip for you guys out there.  Enjoy!

The cover, designed by our illustrious managing editor/art guy Brett Cassette:

September 2009 Issue
September 2009 Issue

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