Caf Creations – O’Boy

By: Betty Crocker

Sweden is ever-famous for its chewy red fish, but contrary to popular belief, Norway’s neighbor has much more to offer the culinary world than gobs of flavored preservatives. In fact, the Swedish Fish we know and love are highly Americanized versions of the slightly better tasting, much larger, and (if you can believe it) more vibrantly colored Swedish Fish sold in the nation from which the fish(es) take their name.
Each year, the average Swede ingests 18 kilograms of candy, a large portion of which is chocolate. This chocolate infatuation extends beyond the realm of food to a beverage adored by children and sometimes indulged in by adults. “O’Boy” is the decadent Swedish version of Nesquik, meaning a fudge-colored powder added to milk, not an ergonomically-shaped bottle featuring a creepy cartoon rabbit.
However, relating the two drinks would be slightly misleading; there is one pleasant element lacking in the remiss American version– heat. A hot cup of “O’Boy” is magnificent on a cold morning, and fortunately for you can be imitated easily with a few steps in the Caf.
Substituting a shot of chocolate milk (or chocolate soy milk, my personal preference for its sweet but smooth taste) in a mug of your personal milk percentage preference takes on an “O’Boy” essence when heated in the microwave. I’ve determined 1 minute and 11 seconds as the optimum warming time since the temperature of the liquid complements the chocolate flavor as it warms your throat, and it requires touching only the number 1 (as an IB&M and Economics double major I thrive on efficiency). Whether you need to walk from the Kline to Denny in frigid February, or just want an escape to the far North, I hope you’ll enjoy your mock “O’Boy.”

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