Dickin’ Around In England

By: Matt Guariglia

As a history major, I was appalled to hear the news last year that history textbook companies were literally changing the history in their books to adhere to the modern day politics of the American South. This was most predominantly illustrated by one Texas company by removing Thomas Jefferson entirely from text books,
most likely for his anti NASCAR legislation (or his stance on separation of church and state, that’s for you to decide).
But I had no idea what revisionist history was until I travelled to England (where I’m currently writing you from, dear squares).
London’s museums are unparalleled by any other country, and the best part is that they are all free. That’s right; the money for these museums comes from the government, but specifically taxes collected from buying lottery tickets. We will ignore the fact that the money comes from an item mostly purchased by the nation’s poor and just acknowledge that these museums get a lot of money from the government.
The corruption here seems implicit. If the government funds these museums, it places itself into prime position to alter the content of each museum at its sole discretion. In this way, Jolly Ol’ England gets to decide that maybe they don’t want tourists to see the centuries of iron-fisted imperialism on their trip to the museum.
This became apparent during my trip to one of England’s five Imperial War Museums. That’s right, the first word of the museum is “imperial,” as in the adjectival form of “empire,” as in “we ruled one third of the world by putting bayonets up peoples asses.” However, the museum began with World War I.
I thought to myself, what happened to the 900 years before World War I? Even though the museum did cover the 20th century, it still ignored most, if not all, of England’s conflicts in Africa, India, and far Eastern Asia.
This is one time I will admit that I appreciate America’s free market system. Although you must pay to get into most of the United States’ best museums, the curator has the opportunity to say or show anything they want about our great nation. So I guess its up to you guys: museums with truthful history? Or healthcare
for everyone?

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