Caf Creations

By: Betty Crocker

Fall is lingering on campus. The dead leaves cling in vibrantly colored droves to the trees on campus (isn’t it convenient that parents weekend always happens to fall in the midst of the beauty of our deciduous campus?). The local apples in the caf are still clinging to their glory for at least the time being (no promises once the snow replaces the falling leaves), so this month I’ve decided to give you a few things to do with them before they’re gone for the season.

As a Thanksgiving treat, this month’s caf creation is a throw back to grandma’s homemade apple pie, crisp, or tart. The “warm cinnamon apples” in the hot food line maintain their popularity in the form of extensive lines, even when the hot food itself is a tad disappointing. Although the frequency of warm cinnamon apples is as sporadic as remembering to water your dorm plant or pet gold fish, do not fear, there are always alternatives. 

To begin your granny apple pie, you must first grapple with an apple. Choose your favorite variety from the infamous fruit stand in a timely manner so as not to be trampled by the hordes of students weaving their way through the labyrinth of tables (ever feel like a rat in a maze?). 

I don’t recommend a particularly crisp apple as they are better enjoyed au natural instead of macerated and heated. Obtain a bowl and line the bottom with a favorite crunchy cereal similar to frosted flakes or Wheaties. Drizzle honey from the hot beverage area over the thin layer of cereal. The next step requires a bit more proactive preparation and may be a bit messy so I recommend returning to a table and grabbing a knife along the way. 

Cut the apple into as small pieces as possible while trying to avoid projectile pieces. Make your way to the microwave with the bowl of cut apple, stop along the way to add a bit of apple sauce if offered, and heat the apples for a minute-thirty or so. 

Once heated, layer the apple compote on top of the cereal base. Next you can locate the cinnamon sugar at the waffle bar which depending on the night and the food selection may be a feat since there tend to be droves of students waiting for waffles and paninis. 

Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on your creation and head to the fro-yo machine if you desire your tart/crisp/pie a la mode (as I often do). 


Until the Next culinary craving,

Betty Crocker

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