Fairy on the Moon – Poem

By: Chelsea Li

Once upon a time
there lived a beauty
dissatisfied with her life and 
yearning for immortality. 

Finally, she managed to steal the magic pills
which made her so light that she flew up to heaven
abandoning her children and husband.

She then became a fairy 
and had since lived on the moon 
“Do you see her pearl necklace?” 
Said my father, pointing to the ring of stars. 

He said I could not go to the moon, 
but I could go to the country closest to heaven,
the country of ultimate prosperity 
if not immortality.

Now here I am, dad. 
In the country you wanted me to go. 
You did not lie to me dad.
Here everyone owns a Bible
and a house and a car.

But one thing is different, 
and that’s the ring of stars. 
I assume the ones I found here 
are the ones you once pointed at. 

But how come whenever I looked up to them
without you by my side, dad, 
they do not seem to be the fairy’s necklace, 
but rather 
her teardrops?

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