The 50s Malt Shoppe Reviewed


By: The Phantom Diners

Sadly, not too long ago, my favorite Carlisle ice cream shop, Massy’s Frozen Custard, closed its doors for the season. With the wait for Massy’s to reopen seeming to stretch on into forever, I was forced to find another option, and for that, thankfully there is The 50s Malt Shoppe.

 The 50s Malt Shoppe, located on Hanover Street, opened at the start of 2009 and has flourished respectably since then. Featuring a quaint 50s décor; the shop boasts a good ice cream menu and a small menu of all your typical Grease favorites, though the greasy Grease food is no better than the SNAR’s. 

The black and white tiled floors, jukebox, and waitresses sporting a classic poodle skirt and sweater style all help to complete the façade of the sockhop revival. Though not a very big space in which to do business, the service was bubbly, which added to the small town feel of the place.

As far as meals go, you can select a typical hamburger and fries with a soda or one of the sandwiches and soups also offered, though our diners who purchased warm food were resoundingly disappointed. The consensus was “eat free at school unless you want to pay for atmosophere,” or, of course, the ice cream.

The ice cream is of course the highlight. The 50s Malt Shoppe serves Rakestraw brand ice cream and can turn any one of your favorite frigid flavors into a frothy milkshake or sundae. Also, you may choose to indulge in a classic favorite, the root beer float, known to be a consistent crowd-pleaser throughout the years. The Malt Shoppe also is home to the Galaxy Sundae, which consists of 6 scoops of your choice of ice cream and toppings. Upon completion of the Galaxy challenge, those warriors brave enough to come out on the other side as victors, have their pictures placed on the restaurant’s hall of fame.

Two of our diners ordered the seasonally scrumptious flavor, pumpkin, which proved to be very well seasoned and delicious to the last bite. One diner attempted the strange combination of black raspberry and cotton candy. Though both were tasty, the cotton candy turned our diner’s mouth, tongue, and teeth a very definite blue.

Overall, the dining experience averaged out at around a 5/10 for our diners, with the express understanding that ice cream and atmosphere is what the Malt Shoppe succeeds in. 

Best Dish: Pumpkin Ice Cream

Price Range: $2-$8

Dare: The Galaxy Sundae Challenge!

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